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The Education Building and Animal Hospital have 3500 ping(11570.3 square meters) in total building area. There are one Experiment Barn, three Quarantine Buildings, twenty Experimental Animal Buildings, one Marine Aquafarm and Traditional Chinese Medicine Farm. In addition to the electronic microscopes,all kinds of equipment for advanced veterinary clinical diagnosis, treatment and research are quite complete.According to different fields of study, the Department is divided into 17 laboratories and animal diseasesdiagnostic centers


The seventeen laboratories are aqua life diseases, poultry diseases, swine diseases, small animal diseases, large animal diseases, immunology and parasitology, laboratory diagnosis, comparative pathology, internal medicine and wildlife diseases, pharmacology, microbiology, molecular virology, physiology, zoology, surgery, anatomy, histology and veterinary clinical medicine.These laboratories are responsible for studying diseases of variety of animals as cattle, swine, poultry, aqua life, wildlife, small animal and other responsible.


Animal Hospital:

There are Division ofBig Animal, Division ofSmall Animal, Division ofAquatic Animal, Division of Pathology, Division of General Laboratory and Division ofPharmacy. These would be the perfect places for the internships of the veterinary students as well as the diagnosis service for clients. 


Import Quarantine Center for Dogs and Cats:
        It is responsible for small animal quarantine which entered from the Kaohsiung airport.


Electron Microscopes:

Two sets of TEMs and three sets of SEMs in school are all placed in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine


The Juridical Person Lee Liang Yue Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science Cultural and Educational Foundation Library:

The books are donated by animal husbandry and veterinary alumni compensating the lack of books in school library. The Library are now owning about five thousand volumes of books with more than one hundred Chinese Veterinary Journal and dozens ofwestern magazines.

Practice and Laboratory Animal Facilities:

There are several buildings foranimal research and retainment.


Biotechnology Education Center:

The Center is under the Agricultural Faculty. It is now placed in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and formed by the staff of Veterinary Medicine Department and other departments. Education and research of biotechnology are the responsibilities of the Center.