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1. Recruit people with talent on researching and provide complete training program for them.

Not only the teachers of our department form teaching group and research group, but also the profession from Kaohsiung Medical University, National Taiwan University, National Chung Hsing University, National Chaiyi University and other universities or research organizations would come and guide the students. All the research is following strict standard to ensure the quality of doctoral graduates can meet the needs of the market. Nonetheless, the standard of veterinary studies of practical and vocational education could be improved. 


2. Focus on the development of the industry, epidemic prevention and quarantine issues with the view of veterinary profession.

Integration of Veterinary Medicine Department and Animal Hospital has provided numerousanimal disease diagnostic centers and laboratories which allow our research groups to reach the industry needs. Strengthening the veterinary knowledge and disease diagnostic techniques is important. On the other hand, the topic of students’ thesis would concentrate in the needs of the industry and the epidemic prevention and quarantine of the Government, such as enhancing diagnostic techniques, the development of vaccines, infectious disease research, and detection technology of drug residues


       3.Aim at cultivating students withadvanced veterinary knowledge, accurate diagnosis of the senior veterinary technology and pragmatic personality.

The graduates would be strictly trained with biotechnological specialists from the biotechnology center of our department, immunological diagnostic laboratory and the universities and research organizations nearby. The ability of the graduates could be expertized. We hope to enhance the biological techniques, results in addressing the problemsof diagnosis and prevention of animal diseases